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tv   Washington Journal Leah Askarinam  CSPAN  June 27, 2018 11:49am-12:00pm EDT

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>> best-selling author brad thorpe will be our guest on in-depth, live sunday at noon eastern. his latest book, spy master, will be published on july 3. his other books include use of force, the lions of lieu certain, blacklist, state of the union, plus 14 more thrillers. interact with brad author by phone, twitter, or facebook. our special series in-depth, with author brad author sunday noon. one -- live at 3 p.m. eastern. joining us now tt yesterday's primaries in several states and some of the results from that is our guest from inside elections. good morning. guest: good morning. in new york,
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representative joe crowley. what happened and why? guest: i think joe crowley's ouster is the most surprising thing in the primaries so far. joe crowley, for thinking house democrat was not really seen going into last night as in a vulnerable position. , alexandriar-old cortez, managed to win that race. she was a bernie sanders supporter and organizer identifies as a democratic socialist, and she was vastly outraised and managed to get a message across based on working folkses and working class in new york. and that we have seen with republican incumbents, we have seen some pretty hope --
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high-profile candidates there and candidates who have already held office before who had some kind of in-state presence who had support from the president's twitter account. this time, you had a much lower profile candidate oust a sitting incumbent, which is pretty surprising. what is the likelihood that she will go on and win against the republican challenger? it is very likely. the district is carried by hillary clinton in 2016 by more than 17%. the new york times editorial board released an op-ed earlier this year that called on crowley to make sure that he was speaking with his constituents during the campaign. he was called out for not attending debates, and the rationale is that he might actually want to be speaker one day. that was the basis behind that op-ed, but what ended up happening is he actually lost his seat. host: and the president sending
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out a tweet about this incident yesterday, saying wow, fake trump hader joe crowley, who many expected to take nancy pelosi's place, just lost the primary election. in other words, he is out. perhaps he should have been nicer and more respectful to his president. what does this victory do for progressives overall who are running? guest: while i am sure republicans are glad they have managed to keep all of their incumbent faces last night, several cases were incumbent republicans were facing difficult primaries. i do not think the lesson of last night is that democrats in new york needed to be nicer to the president. seeing the same device we saw in the 2016 presidential primary playing out in the midterms. and the reason is surprising is because we have not seen that play out until tonight.
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we have seen the bernie sanders wing of the party suffer in midterms so far. and last night, rather, but we saw a new candidate who either had bernie sanders endorsements or who were avid supporters and n theirers wi primaries. so those divisions in the 2016 presidential election are not over. marylandsaw those in as well. expand on that? carryingen jealous is the democratic primary for maryland's governor. it is probably the biggest win for the progressive wing of the party so far. been jealous is the former naacp fromdent who had support bernie sanders and california senator kamala harris, and had a credit -- crowded primary to take on larry hogan.
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the reason democrats are so because larry hogan is representing a state that tends to vote democratic, and he whichernor in a year in democrats are feeling enthusiastic. while he is still highly popular --maryland, been jealous been jealous -- ben jealous job is to chip away at that and increase the sentiment that democrats have been feeling so far. host: and mitt romney one in utah on the republican side. guest: i think he has a clear path to the senate from here. before, it appeared competitive, and mitt romney won pretty handily. the only thing that would have stopped him as his path in
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massachusetts and he had obviously a long record that opponents could pick apart. facing romney will be wilson, and mitt romney is highly favored to win. host: here is a bit for mitt romney from yesterday. [video clip] make believe free people better choices than the so wement, said state -- can make better choices than the federal government. we believe that the government should live within its means, like we do in utah. [applause] we also welcome immigrants and refugees who come here legally. [applause] we are committed to caring with compassion and generosity for those who serve our country in wartime and peacetime as our veterans, and we will care for them. [applause] ande prize education
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rigorous debate, and we expect the people who are our leaders to carry out our orders with silty and dignity. and one more thing -- we are absolutely convinced that america is the greatest nation on earth. [applause] now, after the 2015 election was over, i had some time thinking about the word great. and i thought in order to be considered a great country, one would have to be a strong country. strong military and strong economy. but being strong is only one dimension of being great, and there is another dimension. it is being good. ramon perez and i were talking about america's conduct of the time in the middle east, and i said before i go on, governor, i veryto make something clear. america is the greatest nation in history of the earth. he said the history of the
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earth, whenever there has been conflict between two lands, the nation that wins takes land from the nation that loses, because land has always been the source of value on the planet. he said one nation in history has laid down the lives of hundreds of thousands of its sons and daughters and taken the land -- america. america is the greatest nation honors. and also a tweet from to mittt trump romney. so much to do, a great and loving family will come to d.c.. with that in mind, if mitt romney wins the senate the, how will he get along with the president and what the administration wants to do? guest: mitt romney is in a unique position. he is probably the only republican in statewide office at this point who can be critical of the president without losing the election.
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we have seen that the most critical republican senators are ones who are not seeking the election, mainly bob corker and jeff flake. isolateromney cannot the trump space, but in utah, there was a third-party presidential candidate who did pretty well in 2016. so mitt romney has a bit of a job ahead of him in trying to appease those evan mcmullen voters who did not support trump in 2016, but also cannot totally isolate those utah voters who put trump in office. one more race, in new york. this was significant on a couple of thoughts. could you break this down for us? dan donovan is the republican incumbent. that is the race that we were all watching for the potential next upset on the republican side.
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republicans so far lose their incumbency in the primaries, and it seems like dan donovan could lose to the former congressman who had actually left and served time in jail. it ended up being not that close. donald trump tweeted in favor of dan donovan and it was not at all the most shocking primary result of last night. pictures of the candidates involved, and in colorado, there was a member of congress running for governor there. how did that go over? jared polis is the democratic nominee for the governor's race in colorado. and he has a lot of money on his campaign to help you get through the general election. he was facing a couple other competitive candidates, but one of the other trends we saw is a lot of wealthy candidates ended up winning the nomination.


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